Browse at your beat: schedule links for later

AutoTab is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance your productivity by allowing you to schedule tabs to open at specific dates and times. With AutoTab, you can ensure that the websites you need for your tasks and projects are ready and waiting for you when they are due. 

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Open specified links when you need them: 

Key Features:

1. Efficient Task Management: AutoTab enables you to seamlessly integrate website schedules into your workflow, ensuring that you have the right resources available when you need them. Say goodbye to wasted time searching for relevant websites or forgetting to open critical tabs.

2. Customizable Scheduling: Tailor your browsing experience by specifying the exact date and time for each website to open. Whether you need to access research material, project management tools, payment websites, credit card bill payments, or news when you need, AutoTab has you covered.

3. Streamlined Productivity: Save valuable time by having your frequently visited websites automatically open at predetermined times. This feature allows you to dive right into your tasks without any manual effort. Such as Google News every morning at 8AM. 

4. Flexible and User-Friendly: AutoTab is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Simply install the extension, set up your website schedules, and let it handle the rest. The clean interface and customizable options make managing your scheduled tabs a breeze.

5. Privacy and Security: AutoTab respects your privacy and does not collect any personal data. All scheduling information is stored locally on your device, ensuring that your browsing habits and preferences remain confidential.

Supercharge your productivity and take control of your browsing experience with AutoTab. Stay focused, organized, and ahead of your deadlines by effortlessly managing your scheduled websites. Download AutoTab today and unlock the full potential of your browser.

Get it here: ProductHunt | Chrome Extension

What can I do with it?

AutoTab can help automate any routine web browsing task, making it easier to stick to a schedule and not forget important events or tasks.