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New Publications

Modern Poetry Collection

The best from decades of poetry writing. 

Ebook and Print Available on Amazon. 


Print Version - India

Aryl: A day in the life of a unicorn

A short story for children that can be read by adults. 

Available on Amazon. 

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Releasing late 2024

Ernie Flipkin is the benevolent ruler of the peaceful land of Shay. Their love for food and music knows no bounds, and they are the most energetic, euphoric and friendly citizens of the world in 4040 CE.

Their world is upended when Fried Friggins, from the planet of Schwartz visits them and has novel epicurean promises in store. What results is a saga of turmoil the world has never seen before. An urgent intervention is needed to restore the balance. 

Will Ernie be able to withstand the tugging forces and compelling foes amid the chaos?

Dragi - A Novel 

Expected Early 2026

Dragi, the girl forsaken by the world, catapults herself as the savior of humanity. From unknown lands, the most beautiful and most desolate, Dragi travels searching for answers to get a grip and meaning of this world. 

Will the assassin in her overcome reason?

Will she salvage the secrets of immortality from the vicious mortal forces? Or will they overcome her ambitions? 

Does she save the world, or succumb to the burden?